The Realm of Rough Telepathy

The Realm of Rough Telepathy (RORT) is the title of a collection of fragile papers discovered by Ingrid Burrington and Meredith Whittaker in early 2016 while researching cryptography history in the archives of the New York Public Library. In five loosely tied bundles RORT offers story fragments, spells, sigils, incantations, and recipes that taken together provide the real and incomplete account of the pursuit, discovery, and global ascendancy of Rough Telepathy, commonly referred to at the Internet.

Ingrid and Meredith have worked feverishly/carefully to translate and interpret interesting passages, focusing here on the first of the five RORT bundles. Much more is to be done, and many conclusions are fragmentary and unsure, reflecting the state of the text and the preliminary stage of the scholarship/divination.

Table of Contents

Actors of the Realm

Stories of the Coven

Instruments of the Realm

Key Terms