The Alchemist Guild

The Alchemist Guild creates the material foundation of The Realm. Spells would not work, The Unique Runes would be useless, and Rough Telepathy would become once again an idle fantasy without the Alchemists Guild.

The Alchemists engage in the transmutations of base earth materials into the material infrastructure on which the Realm relies. Such infrastructure includes instruments of number-keeping, scrying mirrors and other visioning devices, instruments for divination, sacred crystals, and silicon amulets etched with low-level spells.

The alchemists are ambivalent figures within The Realm, their allegiances vacillating between the Coven, the Merchants, and the Warring Kingdoms. Like the Coven and the Realm itself, the history of and impetus for their artistry is deeply intertwined with the desires and fears of the Warring Kingdoms, who first sought the Alchemist’s magical expertise in the production of instruments of war.

The work of alchemical production spans the planet, from mines in the Warring Kingdoms of South America to factories in Shenzen, in the Warring Kingdom of China. Much of the fundamental knowledge that undergirds much of their practice was established through what the Merchants of the Past Age called “R&D,” a methods of subsidizing occult practices in pursuit of potential mercantile applications. It is important to note that while the Alchemists oversee the knowledge and design of foundational material infrastructure, much of the actual labor of procuring and assembling the materials for these occult instruments is performed in highly dangerous conditions by serfs and slaves, who are kept out of sight and rarely if ever have access to the benefits and complexity of Rough Telepathy.