The Regional Telepathy Registries

The Regional Telepathy Registries Guild exists to allocate Unique Runes to Fiefdoms across five global member regions, and to track and set policies for such distribution. This commences under the watchful eye of IANA (and ICANN), who provide the guild with Unique Runes for allocation, and set general protocol.

With the shortage of Unique Runes of the Fourth Order, and the slow uptake in use of Unique Runes of the Sixth Order, the Regional Telepathy Guilds have come under pressure to revise processes to reflect the Fourth Order shortage. Emblematic of this tension is the slow rise of a Merchant subclass, which has emerged on the outskirts of the guild with the purpose of brokering the sale of Unique Runes Fourth Order between Fiefdoms with a surplus and Fiefdoms in need. This practice has been met with something between skepticism and outrage by many in the Coven, One of many cracks through which the declining power of the Coven in the face of the Merchant ascent can be viewed.